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Geniuses Made a Lightbulb That Can Project Video Onto Any Surface

Impossibly impressive.
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Beam, a smart projector that fits in any light socket, is set out to completely change the game.

Screw it into any lamp or socket and connect it via AirPlay or Miracast to stream Netflix, movies, TV shows, and anything else that connects to the two platforms.

You can also set up simple commands, like "play that 'I LOVE YOU' video automatically when someone comes home" or "automatically open Netflix when I turn on my speakers."

Only downside is the 854 x 480 resolution and 100 lumen brightness won't break any kind of HD records, but this is just the start or something really special. Give it a few years and this will rival the sharpness of most mainstream televisions. 

It's priced at $429, which seems fair for a beautifully designed product that's doing something different. This would be especially nice to have in low-key office for presentations or dorm room/studio that's light on space and doesn't have a bunch of fancy cable boxes to connect.