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Meet the Smallest, Easiest Titanium Utility Knife for Your EDC

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Nothing makes you feel more prepared than a quality pocketknife, which comes in handy time and time again. But even the most effective and streamlined options add lots of pocket bulk to your everyday carry and it's impossible to pull off a sheath or belt clip without looking like an overgrown Boy Scout, crazed survivalist, or a member of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club. 

So what's the right play?

If you're not carrying a bag with you regularly, the most pocket-friendly play has to be the ultra-thin Aerocrafted Sideslip Titanium Knife which oozes simplicity with only a pair of interlocking parts and no complications.

Its smooth tumbled finish, meanwhile, minimizes pocket wear, while the bronze slider will develop a handsome, natural patina over time. 

Made in the USA and finished with a key ring so you always have it on hand, you can add the new release to the kit right here.