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Black Ops: These Beautifully Customized Rolex Watches Give Classics A Unique Twist

Night vision.
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Bamford Watch Department, in collaboration with Mr. Porter, just released a handful of customized Rolex watches that are dripping with style. The modifications going on here are undertaken independently of Rolex, so the regular warranty is void, but Bamford has their own five year guarantee on anything and everything, so you're still covered despite not owning a true original. Like the various third party automotive houses that customize cars, Bamford does the same for watches, and in our opinion, are the best of the best in a game that (at times) can be slightly suspect. Here are the exclusive releases for Mr. Porter, any of which would upgrade your wrist game majorly.

 Submariner Titanium-Coated Watch ($17,600)

Daytona Titanium-Coated Watch ($26,400)

GMT Master II Titanium-Coated Watch ($19,200)

Deepsea Titanium-Coated Watch ($24,800)