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These Art Deco Louis Vuitton Posters Are A Perfect Look For Any Home

Razzia approved.
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Gérard Courbouleix–Dénériaz, who goes by the monikier Razzia, is a French graphic artist who has been making posters without the aid of a computer for over 40 years. He's most famous for the work Louis Vuitton has commissioned him for, as he does the art for almost every event they're involved in as the primary sponsor. The end result is some beautiful art that's printed on canvas, hard to find, and looks flat out amazing framed and hanged in any home. Here's a look at some favorites he has done over the years.

If you live around Los Angeles, head to the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena--they often have a few for sale. If you're not nearby, your next best bet would be eBay, where they range from around $200-$400 unsigned and $2,000+ signed.