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The World's First 3D Printer For Clothing

This is pretty insane.

3D printing is cool and all, but outside of an iPhone case or little trinkets, there isn't a whole lot of things you can actually print and use. The guys over at Electroloom made a printer that creates seamless, ready-to-wear garments based on custom 3D geometries. It's still REALLY early, but the future sure looks exciting. Watch the Kickstarter video below to get a really good idea of what they're doing and how it all works. It's pretty amazing.

At this point, even thought they're making skirts and tank tops, most normal people wouldn't be sporting their designs. But you have to remember--this is the VERY beginning. It will be fun to watch Electroloom and other 3D printing companies shape the way we buy and consume products. If you're really into the idea and want to support what they're creating, you can pledge a few bucks here.