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The Ultimate Apple Genius Bar Hack

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If you've ever owned an Apple product, chances are you've visited their Genius Bar at least once. It usually goes something like this...

- They can't see you right away, but encourage booking an appointment online to be set up with a Genius Bar representative.

- When you check online, the next available appointment is usually two or three days away, with most scheduled times interfering with your work schedule.

- When you finally meet with an Apple representative, you'll sometimes get lucky and they'll replace your iPhone/iPad/Mac with a brand new one immediately, but often, especially when it comes to computers, they'll have to order parts, send your product to a repair specialist, and ship it back to you 7-12 business days later.

For someone who needs their MacBook or iMac to manage their work at home, this is an absolute impossible scenario unless you have a second computer in the household.

But here's the hack.

It's something called an "Apple Authorized Reseller", which are mom and pop computer shops authorized to fix your iPhone/iPad/Mac at no cost, provided you have AppleCare and/or the product is less than a year old.

- The stores are almost always empty. No lines. No wait. No hustle and bustle.

- You get immediate 1 to 1 assistance without any of the corporate BS.

- If they have the parts needed to fix in stock, they can normally have your product working like new within an hour or two.

- If they have to order any parts, they'll overnight them and you'll be able to take your iPhone/iPad/Mac back in the next day to get it fixed, at a time that's convenient for you.

Head to this page and type in your zip under "Find a Reseller" to scope the locations near you. Hopefully this will save a few people some time and a headache.