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This Classic Car-Inspired Luggage Collection is Cool as Can Be

A while back we tipped you off to The Outlierman, a cool collection of vintage driving-inspired accessories based in Bologna, Italy. Now the brand has expanded its offerings with some gorgeous leather luggage.

Also designed with the motoring gentleman in mind, the range consists of several pieces of leather luggage luxuriously handcrafted in Italy (of course). Just like their must-have driving gloves, the bags and kits come in a number of great colors inspired by vintage British, German and Italian cars.

That includes black, blue, yellow, red and, naturally, British racing green so you can match or contrast with the interior or exterior of your classic ride as you see fit. And the bags have a contemporary flair that wouldn't look out of place with a modern Aston Martin either.

"A man, his car, the horizon as a limit. No gentleman driver is immune to the temptation of a road trip or the charm of a travel bag collection," as the gents at Outlier Man note. And to prove it they've photographed the line with vintage Ferraris, Maseratis, Rolls-Royces, Triumphs, Jaguars and MGs. 

Opening the bags, which include duffels, rolling cases, dopp kits, backpacks and document cases, is a pleasure in itself, as they're lined with custom vintage race car print fabric that's 100% silk just like the brand's neckties. Prices range from about $350 to $1500 and each piece also features the company's steering wheel logo leather patch.

"Driving is a passion we hold in our heart like a molecule of our DNA," the brand states in its modus operandi. "It's the feeling of leather touched by your hands, it's the sound of the wind blowing through your hair. Driving is the freedom tasted from your senses, it's the landscape that flows like a vintage movie scene."

Which sounds like exactly where we want to be....