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The Invisible Keyboard

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There are a lot of great things about the iPhone but typing is not one of them. No matter how long you've been using the touch keyboard, typing out a three paragraph email on the thing is painful enough to make you wish BlackBerry's were relevant again. We suppose you can always connect to an Apple Bluetooth keyboard or dock your phone into some plastic-y Logitech keyboard accessory, but who wants to lug something like that around in their bag all day? Nobody.


All that is why we were excited when we came across The Invisible Keyboard by Florian Kräutli. Believe it or not, the iPhone actually has a three-dimensional accelerometer built in and Kräutli created an application that senses the vibrations caused by tapping and matches that to the corresponding key. You set a piece of paper down and the app calibrates the keyboard not much differently than a Nintendo Wii calibrates after you first unbox and hook up to your television.


It's not the perfect solution (we have a pipe dream of BlackBerry hardware and Apple software someday) but it's an impressive one. Watch the video below and hopefully this kind of technology leads to amazing advancements.