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The Ultimate White Noise Machine Has Arrived

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Sleep better with SNOOZ, a newly unleashed white noise machine that turns your bedroom into the ideal oasis for deep REM cycles and blissful relaxation.

Different from alternatives that use shoddy audio tracks on loop, SNOOZ produces acoustic sounds via an enclosed mechanical fan that delivers the perfect pitch of soothing white noise. And unlike actual fans, you can bring it with you when you're on the move, it doesn't blow freezy cold air in the dead of winter, and it uses a very small fraction of the energy. 

It's beautifully designed as well, with looks that compare to quality smart home goods from brands like Nest. But if you prefer a minimalistic feel in your space, it's equally effective when placed under the bed and out of sight.

If you're ready to take your sleep quality from zero to hero, head right here to pick one up.