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The 10 Best Products I Purchased In 2017

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I'm borderline obsessed with the intersection of design and function. To feed that fascination – and also as a professional obligation – I test hundreds of new things a year, sharing favorites with Airows readers and doing my best to save people from the headache of subpar goods. To wrap up 2017, I wanted to highlight my favorite purchases of the year.

Persol PO3170S Acetate Pilot Sunglasses, $330

I've been wearing Persol sunglasses for almost a decade now, usually opting for the classic 714 style made famous by Steve McQueen. But I recently discovered these aviator-style frames from the Italian eyewear house and can't imagine wearing anything else. These are an older model and relatively hard to find, but Neiman Marcus currently has them in stock.

Everlane Classic French Terry Sweatpants, $55

You couldn't ask for a better fit. Tapered and flattering while still extremely comfortable, Everlane's French Terry sweatpants are an elevated and stylish way to lounge at home and are sturdy and structured enough to wear out of the house and not look like a slob. I liked them so much I bought two pairs this year, one in black and one in dark blue. I'll probably buy two more soon.

Jones Golf Bag, $149 + Seamus Headcovers, $55-$65/Each

Most of my free time is spent on the golf course and I've gone through a number of different bags and headcover combinations looking for the perfect pairing. This year, I found it. I avoid carts at all costs and love the blissfulness of walking, always opting for a lightweight carry bag. I've had a few that I've enjoyed but none more so than Jones' retro-inspired all-white option that's as comfortable as it is cool. Seamus' tropical headcovers pop perfectly against it. 

Sling TV Subscription, $20+/Month

I ditched traditional cable for Sling TV this year and I'll never go back to my old ways. Not only is the bill significantly cheaper but picture quality seems sharper and the ability to bring your cable with you is an absolute game-changer. Stuck at the airport on a Sunday morning? NFL RedZone on your phone. Missing one of your favorite shows on a business trip? Access your Cloud DVR and watch from your iPad, anywhere.

Roku 4K, $49

I had a miserable experience with the latest Apple TV. Mine was buggy. Using Netflix was nearly unbearable. Trying to rent a movie from iTunes was next to impossible. And eventually, the remote just died. The guy at the Apple Genius Bar told me they could replace the remote for $89, so I opted to throw the thing in the trash and get Roku's new 4K box instead. It works flawlessly and the tactical remote is oddly refreshing and reminiscent of TiVo's easy and excellent experience. For a small fraction of the Apple TV price, this is a far superior product.

Bombas Ankle Socks, $86 (8-Pack)

I'm overly particular about everything in my life, probably to a fault, but with underwear and socks, I'm particularly particular. I discovered Bombas this year and have never looked back. They truly make the best socks around.

Amazon Kindle, $119

I finally gave a Kindle a chance this year and now I can't imagine going back to tactical books. Opt for the extra $20 and go ad-free, it makes the experience so much better.

Allbirds Sneakers, $95

I wrote about Allbirds a few months ago, documenting my journey and obsession with the wool runners. To keep things short and sweet – these are the most comfortable shoes money can buy. The second you put them on your feet, you'll wonder how you survived without these in your life.

Buck Mason Tee Shirts, $28+

Buck Mason's elevated, logo-free essentials align with my taste perfectly. The quality is amazing. The fit is just right. The prices are fair. And their stuff will never go out of style. I love everything they do but their tee shirts are especially amazing. If you haven't given them a try yet, consider getting a few in your wardrobe soon. I probably own a dozen.

Buck Mason Black Slim Jeans, $175

A super comfortable stretch jean that can be dressed up or dressed down, I wore these more than anything else this year. And they're only getting better with age.