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7 Tech Essentials Every Modern Man Should Own

A solid technology foundation for every guy.
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The world is flooded with an obnoxious amount of technology pulling consumers in every direction. Do you really need a super-smart-home-WiFi-connecting-refrigerator? Not exactly. But these seven things – they're pieces of tech every guy should own.

1.) A WiFi Speaker System To Be Proud Of


There's nothing worse than entertaining guests with music playing from a plastic rectangle Bluetooth speaker only to be interrupted with a text message sound or crackling poor reception. Ditch that setup for a sound system that connects through your WiFi instead. Sonos makes the best of the best from both an aesthetic and performance perspective with a price you can't beat.

2.) Eyezen Lenses


Eyezen lenses by Essilor are strategically engineered to help reduce strain from viewing digital devices all day, every day. Eyezen lenses also help reduce your exposure to Harmful Blue Light* by at least 20%. These lenses are aesthetically clear and made to work with any frames, allowing you to digital-up your life without messing with your style.

*Eyezen+ lenses block at least 20% of Harmful Blue Light, which is the high energy waves found between 415-455nm (blue-violet light).

3.) A Battery Case For Your Mobile


Never have battery drainage anxiety again with a quality Mophie case on your mobile. It will save you more times than you think, allow you to use your phone freely without a red battery concern, and it (surprisingly) feels absolutely incredible in your hands. The weight and quality of the case magically makes your iPhone feel nicer, not downgraded.

4.) Headphones That Don't Come With Your Phone


You can do a lot better than the tangle-clad run-of-the-mill headphones that come with every mobile purchase. A quality pair will make casual listening at home and traveling on-the-go so much more enjoyable. These P5 Headphones from Bowers & Wilkins win at both looking cool and sounding amazing.

5.) A Stylish And Quality Camera


Don't be the guy who exclusively captures memories on an iPhone. There's a sweet middle ground between an ultra-fancy pro-level camera and a mobile with limited options and quality. We're big fans of the retro-inspired Fujifilm X-T10 in silver. It will only set you back $749 and has all the bells and whistles an amateur would want from a camera.

6.) Simple Streaming Device For Your TV


Trying to dig through your 'smart' TV navigation or an Xbox One interface to get to Netflix is the opposite of smooth and easy. Apple TV makes an outstanding, affordable device that takes movie watching and TV show binging to comfortable, minimal new levels. There are few $149 purchases as game changing as this.

7.) A Classic Alarm Clock To Keep Your Phone Out Of The Bedroom


The best thing you can do for your sleep habits is to leave your phone out of the bedroom. Let it charge overnight in another room and use a gorgeous alarm clock to get you out of bed instead. Our favorite option for your nightstand is this digital radio and music player from Revo. It can easily steam internet radio and music in addition to telling time and looks flat-out amazing. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much better your sleep is when you're not interrupted with pointless notifications at 3 AM.