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The Most Affordable Mechanical Watch Just Got Better

Say hello to the latest from Swatch.
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People that follow watch news even casually know what a big deal the Swatch Sistem51 was about a year ago.

It was a full-blown mechanical watch that used only 51 pieces to make the timepiece tick without the smallest jolt of battery.

And it did so for just $150.

When most mechanical watches are several, several times that, it was a big deal. And still is. Only problem? They were...not the most attractive things. True to most watches in the Swatch catalog, they were awkwardly colorful and felt more "12 year old" than "grown man."

Thankfully, that all changed, as they recently debuted the Sistem51 in steel

Priced slightly higher, the big brother version is loaded with all kinds of style, comes in a few different variations, and is the kind of thing you can actually pull off with a suit.

We're digging the looks and think this is a solid buy for anyone wanting a new timepiece without having to drop some serious cash. 

They'll be hitting stores around the world this fall, right in time for the holiday season. You know what to do, Santa.....