Stylish specs.

If you're looking for a pair of sunglasses that perfectly balance uniqueness with timelessness, throw Sunski on your radar ASAP. The brand was inspired after some Aussie guys found a trinket shack on a surf trip that was selling new-old-stock sunglasses from the 80s for next to nothing. Realizing the joy of buying quality shades with polarized lenses and featherweight frames that didn't crush your wallet, they decided to start Sunski and manufacture their own 80s-inspried specs.

Each pair of sunglasses comes with an insane lifetime guarantee, a super rugged travel case, and a secret message hidden on the inside of each frame – "LIVE LIFE OUTSIDE."

Plus, 1% of Sunski’s annual revenue is donated to charities Save the Waves and Leave No Trace. Not bad.

Best part? They're magically not just under $75, but only $55. Make sunny days even brighter with a pair of these.