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Now Is Your Chance to Score Sunski Sunglasses for Under $45

The Sunski origin is unique.

It starts with Australian buddies on a surf trip. They stumped across a trinket shack on the beach that was selling new-old-stock sunglasses from the 1980s for next to nothing. Polarized lenses. Featherweight frames. Low price tag. These had it all. They were in love.

But seeing as everyone can't accidentally walk into a treasure chest of sunglasses in the middle of nowhere, they decided to recreate that feeling with their own retro-inspired sunnies and the rest is history.

Yes, there are a few brands that lap these in quality. SALT and Persol come to mind. But for the price, these are absolutely unmatched. And to make things even more appetizing, their best-selling models are currently on sale for just $43/pair.  Lose 'em. Break 'em. Wear 'em to death. Stress-free specs await....