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Sunray's Affordable Mechanical Watches Are Inspired By Vintage Aviation

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Things that are cool:

  • Mechanical tool watches
  • Beautiful design
  • Assembled-in-the-USA products
  • Gear inspired by vintage airplanes

Fortunately, Sunray watches hit all of the above.

The timepieces are assembled-by-hand in the Oakland, California studio of Mr. John McConnico, the brains behind this operation. Each is limited edition and balance old school mechanisms with a modern meets classic design. 

Priced between $480 and $540, they're not many mechanical, assembled-in-the-USA watches that can compete with this value. If you're itching to get a nice timepiece but may not be ready to enter the big leagues with a Rolex, Panerai or Omega – or simply don't want the flashy name brand – this is an excellent, beautifully designed choice.