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10 Stylish Dog Essentials for Your Four-Legged Friend

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Dog owners know how difficult it can be to find proper essentials for their furry friend, with shoddy accessories filling the shelves of pet stores everywhere. Do it better with some of our favorite pet purchases, each delivering unique style on top of made-to-last quality:

Stutterheim Black PVC Lightweight Dog Raincoat, $60

This sleek and minimalist PVC raincoat will keep your dog warm and dry whenever the weather gets sloppy.

032c Black Leather Leash, $280

It's surprisingly difficult to find a leather dog leash that doesn't look like it was torn off the "leather" sofa you had in college. This one is does everything right—but it will cost you.

MISBHV Black Monogram Collar, $150

And on that same note, this stunning buffed leather collar with adjustable pin-buckle fastening also hits all the right notes.

Malin + Goetz Colorless Dog Shampoo, $28

Malin + Goetz makes excellent grooming products for humans so it's no surprise that their canine formula is equally good. Lightly scented with natural botanicals, it mixes moisturizing Glycerin and hydrating Amino Acids to gently cleanse but not irritate.

Barbour Wax Dog Coat Black, $70

How good is this waxed cotton dog coat from Barbour? The heritage-inspired piece is finished with bold red tartan lining and a velvety corduroy collar.

Thom Browne Tricolor Webbing Dog Harness, $140

The signature Thom Browne tricolor design adds lots of style to this nylon webbing dog harness

Heron Preston White VIP Edition Poop Bag Dispenser Tag, $50

This plastic poop bag dispenser from the Heron Preston x NASA collab might be overkill but we couldn't help ourselves.

Heron Preston Black VIP Edition Jacquard Tape Leash, $200

And the matching leash is also quite cool.

Bowsers Pet Products Tufted Dog Bed, $145

Skip the dated microfiber dog bed and opt for this eye-popping option from Bowsers Pet Products. It's clad in a contemporary pattern of dog-like spots and washes easy.

YETI Boomer Dog Bowl, $45

This dishwasher safe dog bowl from YETI delivers the minimalistic style you will appreciate and the non-slip BearFoot ring your furry friend will appreciate.