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This ‘Desert Issue’ Rolex Submariner is Watch Customizing at Its Best

Made in the UK.

UK-based Special Forces Issue (SFI) is unlike other watch customizers – its tweaked Rolexes are done with input from actual British special forces officers, making them more weapons grade than fashion forward, paying homage to original British military Rolexes so highly prized by collectors. Their latest design, the “Desert Issue” Submariner or DI01 will be available to order via the official SFI website at about $17,350. 

The DI01 utilizes a modern Rolex Submariner nondate ref. 114060 as a base model, which has then been modified with military fixed bars; a sand blast case finish; a tactical military case coating in Desert Sand; custom military sword hands with blue lume; and a custom rubber 60-minute military bezel insert with blue luminous markings. Finally, the 'SUBMARINER' model designation on the dial is overprinted in DESERT SAND. 

Each watch will be delivered in a military issue Pelican style waterproof case with a range of NATO straps in various British regimental colors. It’s designed specifically for officers serving in the likes of Iraq and Afghanistan, and only 55 numbered examples will be available. So don't dawdle....