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This Beautiful Cultural To-Do List App Is An Essential Download

Home screen worthy.

Whether it’s an iPhone note, a playlist of to-be-listened-to songs or stars on Google Maps, there’s a ton of options for keeping track of all the books to read, music to listen to or restaurants to try. But a different system for every medium is unnecessarily complicated.

Like a one-stop shop for cultural edification, Soon is a simple solution for managing everything in one place. The iOS app allows you to build to-do lists by category for books, music, restaurants, bars, museums, podcasts, games, movies and more. It integrates with existing services like IMDB and Spotify, meaning that all you have to do is search a movie or album title and you’ll have all the details. Adding it to your hit list is only a swipe away after that.

It’s so obvious you’ll wonder why you don’t use something similar already. Or, if you do use something similar, you’ll soon replace it with… Soon.