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Sony's Short Throw Projector Looks Game Changing

This looks awesome.
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Japan always gets the coolest electronics first, as evident by this all-new portable short throw projector from Sony. The tiny little thing shoots video onto any wall from only a few inches away and runs off a battery pack that can go for up to two hours without being plugged in. In addition to the standard HDMI input, it can also connect with any computer or mobile device via bluetooth, and packs some built-in speakers that rival your run-of-the-mill TV but not your expensive HiFi setup.

At this point, it's perfect for presentations, outdoor viewing parties, and the occasional low-key movie night, but as the technology advances, we could be seeing this replace standard television sets as we know them. No ugly black screens, no wires hanging everywhere, no wall-ripping mounts – just a small little device on a cabinet in front of a blank wall. Come to think of it – Apple should start to build one of these into every iPhone...

Priced at $798, it drops at Sony stores in Japan on February 14th, 2016. It looks like other markets should see it land this summer, but nothing has been confirmed yet.