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Sony's New $50,000 TV Projector Is The Future...Once The Price Comes Down

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Probably within the next few years and definitely within ten, we're going to say "SEE YA" to flat screen televisions and move forward with something called a "short-throw projector." Basically, instead of hanging a projector on your ceiling and dealing with a crazy amount of wire management, you're just going to set this credenza-like box that's stylish and minimal on the ground below where you'll normally put a TV and it will project whatever you want to watch on your wall in stunning 4K resolution. No wires, no TV mounts, no complicated cable management, just a super HD picture projected on your wall.

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...And you want to know something that's crazy to think about? The possibility that our phones might be able to project hi-res television on a wall like this credenza, but portably. Maybe not in 4k, but we have a feeling that's the future that's coming.

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Want to get your hands on one of these? Well, you have to have $50,000 laying around in live in New York. Or you could, you know, just wait like the rest of us and not be an idiot with your money.