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Sony Created A Beautiful Universal Remote For Everything In Your Home

Very cool.
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Not only does this beautiful universal remote from Sony look like some old-school Apple design goodness for your coffee table, but it's a functional and stylish piece of gear to add to your tech arsenal.

The remote can easily tie to any device that uses infrared or Bluetooth, ranging from your TV, to your Nest, to your smart lights, to your Apple TV, to your home stereo.

It also has a gorgeous e-ink display that saves battery, kills any glair, and gives off a minimal look and design. Plus – no ugly and greasy fingerprints.

Sure, your iPhone can probably do most of this, but there's something so inconvenient about unlocking your device, searching for the app icon, and waiting for it to connect. This makes things simple, easy, and stylish.

The $250 device will first launch in Japan first, where it will hopefully sell well enough for Sony to sell the thing worldwide. We're hoping to go hands on with this soonish.