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If Your TV Isn't Wall Mounted–You Need This

The latest from Sonos is a smart play in home audio.
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Turns out, 70 percent of TVs aren't wall mounted. For just those situations, the engineers at Sonos crafted Playbase, the easiest way to add some serious oomph to your home theater setup.

Available in either black and white, the Playbase is constructed from a single piece of granite and a custom-designed glass-filled polycarbonate exterior that keeps vibrations to a minimum. Even with the audio cranked for your annual viewing of Empire Strikes Back, your TV won't be buzzing from the shakes.

Like all things Sonos, it's super easy to set up and uses just two cords–one for power and one that plugs directly into the TV. For those who appreciate a clean entertainment space with no visible cords, this changes the game.

Priced at $699–this will be available globally starting on April 4, 2017.