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Black Friday: The All-New Sonos One With Amazon Alexa Is $25-Off

Though it packs the same sound in the same package as the Sonos Play:1, the newly unveiled Sonos One has one very important difference: built-in Amazon Alexa voice support.

"Alexa, play The Rolling Stones on Apple Music throughout the house."

"Alexa, play Leon Bridges on Pandora in the bathroom."

The multi-room speaker functionality of Sonos paired with Amazon's powerful voice control is a really exciting collaboration that should make Sonos' suite of high-quality speakers even better. It's also equipped with Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Assistant support, though those won't be available until 2018.

Though it only came out a few weeks ago, the $199 Sonos Play One unit is currently on sale for just $174 thanks to a killer Black Friday sale. If you're interested in adding this to your home, now is the time pull the trigger.