Sonos Updates and Upgrades Its Beam Soundbar

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Home audio house Sonos has just revealed its Beam soundbar will be getting an upgrade later this year with support for Dolby Atmos. This helps it catch up to its big brother, the Arc, which launched with the feature last year.

Other changes include a slightly tweaked form factor, HDMI eARC support, a more capable CPU that’s 40% faster, and added “arrays,” which is a term Sonos uses for sophisticated software that helps bounce audio vertically and horizontally around the room. The original model had three "arrays," while this one has five.

Due out Oct. 5 and available to pre-order here, it sees a slight jump in price, up from $399 USD to $449 USD, but that shouldn't stop it from being one of the buzziest gifts this holiday season. We'll make sure to remind you when it goes live, as well as any Sonos-related sales come Black Friday and Cyber Monday.