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Sonos’ $399 Beam Soundbar Is Now Available

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Sonos has been making soundbars for a few years now, just with $699 price tags. Their newest addition to the lineup, the Beam, has slightly less oomph than the previous models but comes in at a much more reasonable $399, making the gadget splurge a more realistic purchase for non-audiophiles who want to step up their movie nights and Sunday football marathons.

And unlike other soundbars for your TV, the Sonos Beam is basically three units in one: TV sound system, connected music player and an Amazon Alexa smart assistant. (Support for Siri and Google Assistant are coming shortly.)

But it's in the details where the Beam really shines. A few favorite features include a "Speech Enhancement" mode that helps with dialogue clarity so you never miss a word, a "Night Sound" mode so you can enjoy television late in the evening without rattling bedrooms walls and the ultra-cool ability to instantly pair your remote, which allows you to control your TV with voice.

After an initial announcement a few weeks back, the Sonos Beam is now available and shipping out immediately. As far as TV soundbars are concerned, there really isn't a better value.