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Solar Powered Roadways

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Regardless of our lack of flying cars or George-Jetson-approved space architecture, it's pretty clear that we're finally living in the future. Things like the iPhone, Tesla Model S and Microsoft Xbox Kinect are proof of that. Technology has become more and more amazing. We're thankful for what's here and excited for what's next. The thing is - our basic roads haven't evolved like everything else. Yet they have the potential to.

Developed by electrical engineer Scott Brusaw, he realized that the asphalt and concrete our roads are made up of is exposed to direct sunlight for a significant part of each day. If replaced with solar roads which could input energy into the power grid, they could potentially provide electricity for an entire country.

On top of being a self-sufficient energy source, solar roads would also make driving significantly safer. The illuminating lights make seeing at night much easier and if anything is on the road that shouldn't be (like the deer caught in headlines below) , the road will light up appropriately to warn the driver. They can also blink red or show some kind of warning if traffic is about to stop suddenly because of something like an accident ahead.


Worried about your extremely harsh winter, folks who don't live in Southern California or Arizona? Brusaw thought of that to. Built in heating.


All in all, this project has us very excited for what's to come and we support it completely.  For more information on the Solar Powered Roadways project, check out their website and watch the video below.