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A stocking stuffer can either be an underwhelming afterthought or a gratifying gift in its own right. We don't need to tell you which will be more appreciated. However, we can help you make the right selection. Here are 10 of the best:

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Headphones

NYC’s Master & Dynamic has become the gold standard for audiophiles and design enthusiasts. Their MW07 Plus wireless earphones boast features like active noise cancellation, extended battery life, Bluetooth 5.0, and a stainless steel charging case.

Stephen Kenn Single Cord Masks

Your mask can either be an ineffective encumbrance or a well-designed essential. Furniture designer Stephen Kenn’s single-cord, military-inspired version is the latter, made by hand in Los Angeles from two layers of thick cotton canvas and two layers of filter material.

Hamilton Khaki Field Watch

Hamilton, one of the last great American watch brands, has been producing field watches for decades, but this retro 1960s military-derived version is one of the best yet, thanks to its dark dial and PVD-coated 38mm steel case.

L’Atelier du Vin Teflon Corkscrew 

A corkscrew is one of those items that people rarely properly invest in, even if they use it almost every day. There's no need to struggle with that bottle of Bordeaux though thanks to this sleek Teflon number made in France.

Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush

If you're a lover of good design, the medicine cabinet can be a constant source of chagrin because things like toothbrushes seem to be designed for children with a Nickelodeon addiction. Not so this Italian-made natural bristle version.

Wesn QR Keychain

This item looks deceptively simple, but it's milled from two individual pieces of titanium, so you can quickly configure your EDC while keeping weight and bulk to a minimum, with a heat treatment ensuring it'll last for years.

Electric California Rodeo Sunglasses

Designed in California and made in Italy, these minimalist aviator-style shades in matte black block blue light for crisp vision and a heightened level of protection, and ensure you're always looking ready to roll. 

Hardgraft Push Card Case

Maybe you've been thinking about upgrading to a push card case for a while. This sleek grey version made in Italy from rich vegetable-tanned leather is an EDC star-in-the-making.

Asher Nimbus Golf Glove

The glove you wear to play golf often goes overlooked by amateurs. Asher’s Nimbus glove, precision cut from a single piece of AAA Cabretta leather, is the way to go pro.

A-Tech Multitool Keychain

Another EDC standout, this tactical-ready keychain features a metal rope-style ring with a screw lock closure, a circular chrome-vanadium steel attachment holding six different bits, an integrated driver, and a flip-out box cutter blade.