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As fun as Cards Against Humanity was a few years ago, it has been played to death and completely loses its charm after going through the game five or six times, even with a rowdy group of awesome people and copious amounts of booze. Here's an alternative that we're really digging. It's called Assumptions and is beautifully designed. Just look at this set.

Cool, right? Here are the official rules, which do a much better (and clearer) job explaining the game than we ever could.


It's Apples To Apples meets Guess Who?! It's Cards Against Humanity with pictures?! It's a game for people with good senses of humor and it goes like this:

There are 400 cards in the box: 100 uniquely drawn characters (by Lauren Baker) and 300 wildly different assumptions that will be applied to those characters. So grab your friends, here we go:

Step 1

Take 7 red cards. This is your hand. A handful of ass...umptions. You can look at it. Show NO ONE (yet).

Step 2

One player (let’s call them Doofus) pulls a character card from the black and white pile without looking, revealing it to everyone else. Closing your eyes works. Holding it to your forehead is also OKAY.

Step 3

Everyone else (not Doofus) plays an assumption card from their hand about the revealed character by putting it face-down. Players draw a new assumption card from the red pile so their hands contain 7 cards.

Step 4

Doofus, with the character card still a mystery, flips the played assumptions cards one at a time, reading them aloud (and inherently drawing their own assumptions about the character they haven't seen yet). Then, FINNNALLLY, they get to flip their character card. Lol.

Step 5

Doofus picks the assumption they think best fits the character. Or is the funniest. Or most horrible, it's their choice, really. The person who played the chosen assumption is the winner, and keeps the character card, collecting it as a point earned.

That's It!

That's it! Rotate who gets to be Doofus and repeat. The game ends when X points are reached, or Y time has passed (you make up these numbers), or everyone hates each other. Preferably, before this last one happens. Enjoy!

Easy, right? Grab a few bottles of good wine, make a decent soundtrack, and invite a few friends over for some fun. You can order right here for just $25. Hat tip to InsideHook for the find.