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This Smart Remote Magically Adapts to Anything You Point At

The tech-focused magic wand you didn't know you needed.
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Normally, when you thinks "smart remote," those giant 10,000 button bricks that take a rocket scientist to set up instantly come to mind. This is not that.

The SevenHugs Smart Remote quickly and easily connects to over 25,000 different devices, ranging from TVs to thermostats, and features a high-definition touchscreen that will instantly display the correct interface when pointing at it.

Need to turn pause your Sonos? Point at it- a beautifully designed, Sonos-specific interface shows up. Want to turn off a light? Harry Potter that thing. When they say it's "like magic," they're not joking around.

When it retail next year, it will set you back $299, but they're currently raising money on Kickstarter and giving these things away for only $149. Get after it.