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Samsung's Art-Inspired TV Is Prettier Than a Painting—And $800 Off

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Let's face it. Televisions are ugly.

There's a reason all of the drool-worthiest abodes featured in our Interiors & Home vertical constantly go without one.

Unfortunately for design purists, TV is a prerequisite for most culture-obsessed human beings. But what if there was a television that looked beautiful, could hide in plain view and didn't cost $15,000 because a Danish luxury brand used exotic (and probably unnecessary) materials? Enter: The Frame by Samsung.

Incredibly thin and dripping with minimalism, the TV displays a wide range of art and photographs when turned off, mimicking a large scale piece of art. With a heavily curated library of artwork from 37 world-renowned artists and photographers, it's far more than the snoozefest your Apple TV plays when left in standby. Samsung is even launching a special "Art Store," where owners of The Frame can acquire limited edition digital pieces outside of what's included, which is a welcomed touch.

When the 65-inch version debuted just a few months ago, it was priced at $2,799. Amazon, as they tend to do, lowered the price to $2,499 shortly after, and now thanks to Cyber Monday, it's marked down even more: just $1,997 to get this in your living room. If you're in the market for a quality, luxurious television, this is a stellar option with style to spare.