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The Score: Samsung's The Frame TV Is Back on Sale

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Let's face it. Televisions are ugly.

There's a reason all of the drool-worthiest abodes featured in our Interiors & Home vertical constantly go without one.

Unfortunately for design purists, TV is a prerequisite in today's world. But what if there was a television that looked beautiful, could hide in plain view, and didn't cost a small fortune because a Danish luxury brand used exotic (and probably unnecessary) materials? Enter: The Frame by Samsung.

The incredibly thin TV goes far beyond the snoozefest your Apple TV plays when left on standby, displaying a wide range of art and photographs that mimick large-scale pieces of art in beautiful 4K resolution. It also packs a built-in brightness sensor, which auto-adjusts the art to your room for a realistic display, and arrives with both a complimentary wall-mount and an array of powerful cable management tools. 

And thanks to a new sale, we spotted all sizes of the 2021 edition on sale right here. Prices start as low as $459 USD.