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Samsung's New T7 Shield Is a Sleek & Secure SSD

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Pro photographers for a predilection for the outdoors rejoice: Samsung just dropped their most durable solid state drive yet in the form of the IP65-graded T7 Shield. For those unfamiliar with the IP rating system against the elements, let's just say that it roughly translates to high peace of mind.

Despite its compact credit card-esque size, its read/write speeds up to 1,050/1,000MBs are F1-level-fast. And it's compatible with not only PCs and laptops, but also phones, next-gen game consoles, and beyond.

The Samsung T7 Shield comes in dashing shades of black, beige, and blue. Cop the 1TB badboy for $159 USD here and the 2TB version for $289 USD here.