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Samsung's Space-Saving Monitor Looks Damn Good

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If you're trying to upgrade your workspace with a new display, the Samsung Space Monitor needs to be at the top of your list.

Though its resolution and color accuracy are as good as you'd expect, the real winning feature is the space-saving desk clamp that allows you to adjust the height and viewing angle in various ways. It not only frees up a significant amount of desk space and looks plain cool but the quick versatility is handy for specific tasks or entertainment that require various heights or angles. 

On top of that, Samsung was very considerate for those who take their cable management seriously, as all ugly wires are out of sight and entirely integrated into the arm itself. 

And shockingly, it's downright affordable (at least compared to the Apple Store prices we're used to) with tags of just $399 (27-inch size) and $499 (31.5-inch size). Amazon has the pre-order page up already, so put your order in now if you want it on day one.