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Samsung Impresses With Stunning New 43" M7 Display

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Unfortunately beyond the exorbitantly expensive Apple Pro XDR Display, you don't have many good options to extend your screen real estate beyond your tiny laptop screen. But Samsung aims to change that with its flagship M7 Smart Monitor, soon available in a 43" size with immersive high-res 4K visuals.

It features single connection architecture via USB-C, meaning a solitary cable not only connects the display to your computer but charges it. This is a relatively new thing in the display world and crucial if you appreciate sleek, minimalist cable management and a stress-free environment. And if you really want to step it up, it's the world's first display with AirPlay 2 integration, which allows you to both create a wireless dual monitor setup with your MacBook and Smart Monitor as well as effortlessly throw up videos and more from your iPhone or iPad. And for the Android crowd, it has built-in DeX for painless switching between other Samsung devices on the fly.

It's also — essentially — a TV, more so than any other monitor before it. That's thanks to built-in speakers and an array of Smart TV apps such as Netflix and HBO, no PC or laptop required. A remote control device is also included.

The previously released 32" version of the display is available right here via Amazon. The 43" version, meanwhile, should arrive shortly, and we'll make sure to update you once it does.