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Replace Your Ugly Blinking Router With This Easy on the Eyes Alternative

Because everything in your home should be thoughtfully designed.
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Samsung recently unveiled the Connect Home, a cleanly designed Wi-Fi router that ditches the blinking lights and antennas for a sleek and compact design that's so pretty, you can even place it in plain sight.

On top of looking like it came from the MoMA gift shop, the unit couldn't be easier to setup thanks to a companion app that walks you through setup and guides unit placement for optimal performance. Gone are the days of dead zone rooms and complicated passwords like "WNFHD579DBWKD$$B4DF94KFBN" you have to read off to guests trying to get their Wi-Fi fix, everything just works and works as it should. The Connect Home can also act as a hub for all Samsung electronics that you might already own, making setup for a teched-out abode all the easier.

Available in a three-pack (for homes up to 4,500 square feet) or single (for homes up to 1,500 square feet), this is the kind of thing that separates the boys from the men. You could be the guy constantly having to unplug your router because your Wi-Fi is moving like a sloth or the one whose "entertainment center" is covered in yellowing antennas and blinking lights. Or you could be the guy with the zenned-out solution that looks great and performs great in every area of your home. We trust you'll make the right choice.