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This Indestructible Eyewear Case Needs to Be on Your Gear Radar

From two of our favorite brands.
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SALT. and Briefing, an iconic Japanese luggage label, teamed up for a super cool collaboration that includes a premium, indestructible eyewear case along with an exclusive pair of sunglasses. 

The frames, like all things SALT. does, are hand-crafted in Japan using the highest grade acetate and Polarized CR39 lenses. These aren't some cheap sunglasses with a licensed designer name slapped on the side – they're the best of the best. 

The case is constructed by Briefing with the same strict guidelines of US Military Specification Standards and is made of a special nylon that's 7x more durable than regular nylon. It's ultra-rugged and durable and even has plenty of room for other accessories like a card case or phone, making it the perfect thing to bring on vacation or to the beach.

Together, it's a 1-2 punch any man of style will be all about.

Sold as a set with a price tag of $600, they'll be available for purchase on SALT.'s website beginning October 1st. Adding to your cart is highly advised.