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The Best Way to Use Your Wireless Headphones With In-Flight Entertainment

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Most people reading this site have invested in a pair of nice wireless headphones. But what's the play if the in-flight entertainment is a little more appetizing than whatever you have downloaded on your iPad Pro? Well, you can either spend a few dollars on the airline rental cans and put your pricey headphones back in the bag or you can pull out this brilliantly designed wireless flight adapter from Scottish audio specialist RHA.

A must for any frequent flyer, the new release plugs into any in-flight audio system and turns it into a Bluetooth 5 audio streaming station. It has 16 hours of battery life and a USB-C port for charging on the go. It's fit with aptX for high-fidelity streaming and can even simultaneously broadcast to two headphones, in case you and your significant other want to enjoy a movie or TV show together.

The adapter goes on sale today for a price of $49. Right now, it's only available through RHA's website but it should also hit Amazon momentarily