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These Tote Bags are Made from Repurposed NASA Parachutes

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NASA engineered their parachutes to be two things:

Ridiculously tough to slow down rockets.

Ridiculously lightweight to conserve fuel. 

And thankfully for us, they didn't simply discard previously used parachutes. Instead of tossing them into the recycling bin, they repurposed the heavy-duty, nearly weightless fabric into out-of-this-world tote bags with a serious amount of style and undeniable cool factor.

The perfect companion for the gym, the office, the beach, the pool or the grocery store, each is finished with a subtle drawstring to keep your goods from spilling out and can handle nearly anything you throw at it. (Including, you know, mission-critical space missions.)

Pick one up here in your choice of green or white and let the other guys maneuver their gear with Hawaiian-print Trader Joe's bags.