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Keep Our Earth Clean With These Stylish Sunglasses Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic

Looking good has never been so environmentally friendly.
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The guys at eyewear brand Norton Point are not super into the idea of eight million metric tons of plastic flowing into our oceans, so they decided to do something about it, help the environmental, give back, make a buck or two, and load people up with some stylish sunnies all at the same time. 

They developed the first line of eyewear made from HDPE, a high-quality consumer material that's made from recycled ocean plastics. But not only are they using smart raw material to craft they gear, they'll be giving an additional 5% of net profits to a global clean-up center.

They've already hit their crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter, but you can still back this project with a pre-order that gives you a pair of the sunglasses at a discounted $99.