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A Trio Of Racing-Inspired Timepieces From IWC

What happens when the Silver Arrow is your style icon.
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A few things we love: timepieces, racing, limited edition products.

So this collection of IWC watches filled with racing-inspired panache has us in a panic of happiness.

The rarest of the drop is the 74th Members’ Meeting at Goodwood chronograph Ungenieur, which comes in 42mm of red gold goodness and is limited to just 74 pieces in the world.

The other watches are the Rudolf Caracciola Chronograph Ingenieur and the W 125 Chronograph Ingenieur, which are both 42mm, limited to 750 examples, and dedicated to the legendary pre-War racing driver and the famous Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow, one of the coolest cars ever built.

Each model also has the new IWC-manufactured 69370 calibre, so the guts are as top-notch as the surface level beautifulness.

We'll take one of each.....