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This Amazing App Casually Texts You The News

Home screen worthy.
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Not only is this app from Quartz a brilliant idea, but it's wonderfully executed and wildly informative. For the kind of stuff we don't touch on Airows – think politics and global events – this app will inform you on the latest through a simple text conversation.

Basically, it's a clever ongoing iMessages conversation with a cool, in-the-know friend. With a mix of photos, GIFs, and links, you can respond back asking for more info or move on to the next subject.  It's brilliantly done and a simple way to catch up on the latest.

You can also view their most interesting chart of the moment, gauge the markets with an emoji on your Apple Watch, and learn interesting global trivia with a 5-second quiz. 

When it comes down to it, there's nothing better than an app that makes you smarter with little effort. Download this thing now, it's free and totally worthy of your home screen.