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The Updated Q Timex Falcon Eye Is Back In Stock

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Last month, American watch manufacturer Timex released a new version of its Q Timex Falcon Eye—a popular reissue of the 1979 model of the same name. But it sold out quickly, with many missing out on the instant wrist upgrade. However, we just spotted it back in stock right here.

The fresh release channels The Hulk with a bold emerald green dial with a trippy Côtes de Genève finish, which creates the illusion of stripes through intricately engraved tiny angles. The process was originally developed in the early 20th century and is typically seen on watch movements, not watch dials, furthering the uniqueness and overall appeal of the watch.

A quartz movement, just like the original, keeps things ticking with ease, which is housed in a tastefully sized 38mm stainless steel case. A retro-infused bracelet, also in stainless steel, finishes off the look.

Add it to the collection right here.