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Project X Designs' New Limited Edition Rolex Is An Awesome Tribute To Paul Newman

The man himself would be impressed.

The legendary Rolex “Paul Newman” Daytona from the early ‘70s is perhaps the greatest Rolex model of all time. It’s also extremely expensive and very hard to come by even if you’ve got the cash. London-based luxury watch customizer Project X Designs has come up with an amazing tribute to Newman’s own however that delivers all the style of the original with genuine modern Rolex mechanics. 

The company’s new Limited Edition Daytona Series 8 (DS8) transforms the current Rolex Daytona model into a paragon of ‘70s style – down to the period correct RCO (Rolex Cosmograph Oyster) format of the dial text. The story goes that Newman started wearing a Daytona when he took up motor racing in the early '70s.

The best feature of the DS8 – which is expected to sell out quickly – is that it will be delivered with two different bezels: the original steel bezel, and a custom black bakelite bezel, in tribute to the original, legendary Paul Newman Daytona references 6263 and 6265.

Of course this much goodness doesn't come cheap. Produced in a limited edition of just 28 examples worldwide, the DS8 will be priced at £14,950, or about $22,500. Of course since the auction record for an original Paul Newman Daytona is over $1 million, that's kind of a steal.