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Microsoft’s Translucent Black Xbox Controller Is a Gorgeous Gaming Gadget

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While Apple pumps out uninspired design after uninspired design and leaves the iMac nearly unchanged for over a decade, Microsoft is quietly lapping them in terms of sheer aesthetics with products like the Surface Book and Surface Studio.

And now they're back with another stunning and stylish product even non-gamers can appreciate: the ltd. edition Phantom Black Xbox controller.

Featuring a black-to-gold gradient with a slight translucency, it's easily the prettiest gamepad money can buy. And even if you don't own an Xbox One, it comes with Bluetooth support to work with any Windows 10-powered PC or tablet as well as mobile devices running the new Android Pie. So yes, Fortnite, Call of Duty and more on-the-go without touch controls is not just possible, but easy.

The controller is up for pre-order now through Amazon and will start shipping on Sept. 11th. It's likely to sell out rather quickly, so ordering in advance would be a savvy move.