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Panic Unveils Gorgeously Designed Handheld Gaming Console

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Mac and iOS developer Panic just revealed Playdate, a stylish handheld gaming console that was made in collaboration with Swedish design house Teenage Engineering.

Incredibly tiny in size – it's not much larger than an iPad Nano – it features a 2.7" black-and-white screen (with no backlight!) and a hand crank not for charging (that's done via USB-C) but for gameplay. It runs on a custom OS built by Panic and will come with a season of 12 included games, each delivered on a weekly basis and each specifically developed for the console. Some use the crank exclusively, some not at all.

Priced at $149 with pre-orders expected to open shortly, the Playdate will ship to early bird customers in Q4 2019 with a wide release expected in 2020. Santa, are you listening...?