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The Odake BladeX 4K Display Is a Portable Powerhouse

California-based consumer tech company Odake recently unveiled a super-cool portable monitor with touch screen capabilities. And if it's not already on your radar, it should be.

The 15-inch BladeX display weighs less than two pounds and is equipped with two USB-C ports and two HDMI ports, meaning you can connect anything from your MacBook Pro to your PlayStation 4 to it with ease. It's also just 4.5mm thick, adding to its sleekness.

A great choice for an aesthetically pleasing external monitor at your desk as well as on-the-move, there are dozens of practical use cases for this one as the video below shows off in detail.

The display is available in a standard version at 1080p resolution ($209) and a professional version at 4K resolution ($309) and has already surpassed the Indiegogo pre-order goal dramatically. Set to ship out in November, the campaign still has a few more days to go if this feels like something you need.