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The Ressence Type 1 G Titanium Is the Ultimate Statement Watch

Not something you see everyday.

If you're not familiar with Ressence watches, you're about to be a huge fan. They remove the traditional hands from the clock face and replace them with spherical discs that are constantly moving, which gives the timepiece a fantastic feeling of motion.

One of their latest releases is the Type 1 G Titanium, which may just be their most stunning piece yet.

It features grade A Super-LumiNova for incredible visibility and a sapphire case that magically allows you to wind up or set the time sans crown. This thing is unlike anything else you can find at your standard jewelry shop and will separate you from all the other guys at work wearing the same-old-same-old. 

The kind of watch that will wow you ever time you strap it on, it will set you back $24,340 to get it on your wrist. A lot of cash, but whoever said fine art was supposed to be cheap?