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Make Your Home Smell Amazing With This Top-Notch Incense From Norden

Nothing like a well scented pad.
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The team at Norden already make some of the most minimal and cool candles money can buy. But for those who want to really take their home scent game to another level, you gotta check out their brand new formulated incense.

Slow burning and wildly potent, each pack contains 20 incense sticks and comes in three different fragrances – Ojai (frankincense, cypress, patchouli, palo santo), Idyllwild (cedarwood, sage, vetiver, bergamot), and Øresund (balsam fir, grapefruit, musk).

“Burning incense is a morning ritual around our home that goes hand in hand with brewing a pot of coffee. We are in love with watching the light grey smoke swirl around and disperse throughout the room, leaving behind a smoky, pungent fragrance.”– Pete Panciera, Owner/Founder

You can snag some now for just $20 a pack.