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Here's Where to Get the Upgraded Nintendo Switch With OLED Display

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The Nintendo Switch does a lot of things right but its screen was never one of them. Thankfully, the legendary Japanese gaming company has upgraded the console with a larger OLED display that spans 7-inches and provides up to 60 fps.

In addition to the boost in screen real estate and quality, the new system is slightly longer and weighs 0.05 lbs more than the original Nintendo Switch. Its battery life, meanwhile, is largely uncharged, providing somewhere between 4.5-9 hours while on the move.

The update arrives in a cool new black-and-white colorway and is available to purchase right here alongside the buzzy new Metroid Dread game. It's priced at $349 USD, which is $50 USD more than the original model. Expected to sell out rather quickly, it's also available here on the secondary market for only a slight premium.