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Nest Updates Their Popular Thermostat With a Design Meant to Go Unnoticed

Modernizing the modern.
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When the original Nest Thermostat first arrived, its striking design was meant to stand out in a sea of yellowing plastic alternatives that haven't changed since the 1970s. 


A few years later, though, and its looks were feeling a lot more "iPhone 3G" than "2017."

Thankfully, the Nest team realized that and brilliantly updated the device with a look that's meant to go unnoticed, camouflaging into any kind of home style.

With a ceramic-style ring and frosted display, the unit blends in beautifully while giving you all the benefits you'd expect from Google's smart home division: app control, energy savings, easy scheduling, you name it.

Now available for $169, this would make a fine addition to any living space.