It's no secret Native Union makes some of the most beautiful technology accessories in the world, from wireless charging to marble iPhone cases. And now they're entering a whole new space: audio.

Made in collaboration with French audio specialists La Boite Concept, Native Union's PR01 speaker design is elegant and stylish with just a hint of retro cool, making it the perfect addition to any well-sorted space. Sound wise, it's no slouch, either, as it uses a 1970s audio patent that produces a warm and soulful sound with "unmatched acoustics close to that of a real orchestra," the company explains.

Unforuntaley, there is no Wifi connectivity, but the speaker does pack two AUX ports, two USB ports, a USB-C port, Bluetooth and wireless charging. And in a move of genius, there's a secret pull-out drawer to conceal (and charge up) your connected devices while listening. No sloppy cables here.

In a sea of cheap plastic speakers, this is for the person who appreciates quality and style above all else and doesn't overlook a single aspect of their home space. It's not cheap, but it's worth it.