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NASA Releases Stunning Box Set of Voyager Golden Record

Back in 1977, the Voyager I and Voyager II spacecraft flew into orbit with a simple mission of capturing photos of planets as they glided through interstellar space.

And attached to each was a golden phonograph record filled with greetings in dozens of human languages, a mix of contemporary and classic music and over 100 images encoded in analog.

No alien life interacted with these, of course, but it was a gorgeous snapshot of life on Earth if they ever did.

Today, for those obsessed with deep space and history, you can see and hear for yourself courtesy this exceedingly beautiful gift set that's cloth-covered and packed with three  translucent gold vinyl LPs and a 96-page softcover book containing all images included on the original Voyager Interstellar Record, gallery of images transmitted back from the Voyager probes and a new essay by Timothy Ferris, producer of the original golden record.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign a few months back, the set is now available for purchase. And even better, for a limited time, it's 10% off with free shipping to boot.